30 \ 20 oz vacuum lids

lid-for-30-oz-tumbler 30-oz-tumbler-lid-ozarksplash-proof-lid-for-30-oz-tumblerspill-resistant-lid-for-30-oz-ozark30-oz-lid-ozark-trail30-oz-sliding-lid30-oz-lid-yeti30-oz-spill-proof-splash-resistant-lid30-oz-spill-proof-lid111130-oz-tumbler-lid-ozark      

30 \ 20 oz vacuum lids for the tumbler



C&Berg are proud to present to you their 30 oz and 20 oz New Technology 100% Spill Proof Vacuum lids for yeti rambler, rtic, ozrak trail and more.
Our stylish spill proof and splash resistant lids will not only impress you with it’s appealing looks but we have much more to offer.

✔ Giving you the chance to control the liquid leaking and splashes of your beverage and keep it guard while walking or even driving or traveling while it is in the bag
✔ Perfect match for any 30 oz and 20 oz tumbler such as Yeti rambler, rtic cooler, ozark trail and more
Crystal clear plastic with a closure function to prevent 100% of the leaks!!
✔ dishwasher safe
✔ Eco – friendly
✔ BPA free
✔ Trendy and modern design
✔ Straw friendly (stainless steel straight and bent straws)

Yeti rambler, Rtic cooler, Ozark trail, Simple Modern, SIC,
Smart, Greens Steel, Kodiak, Magnum steel and more
★ 100% assured results
★ If you are still unhappy with our special 100% spill proof vacuum lids we offer you 30 days money back guarantee, no questions asked!
★ 10% discount coupon for all of our exclusive C&Berg tumbler products collection
Enjoy the benefits and order the product even for your friends 😉

A FREE SPECIAL EBOOK – “Juice Master” -Special smoothie recipes for your 30 oz tumbler!
With all this, we give you the chance to join our family at C&Berg and enjoy the benefits we offer to our customers:
friendly customer service and a promise to stand by you if you ever face a problem.
If you choose us you are already benefiting in major proportions then why wait?
PURCHASE NOW and become the owner of a First-class Traveling Tumbler Lids.

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We are providing a warranty for our Vacuum lids
In case your lids has any defect, fitting problem or any other case – we got your back!
simply contact us, come with your order number and pictures if needed and we will take care about you – refund your money back or send you a new C&Berg lids!
Obviously it doesn’t include simple scratches, dents, normal wear and tear, shipment cost, but if it ever let’s you down just let us know and we will take care of you!

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